Pedicure services for men Chique & Classy Nails Bar

Think you’re too manly to get a men’s manicure or a men’s pedicure? Think again.

Similar to manicure, a men’s pedicure entails taking care of your nails, cuticles, and hydrating, but instead of the hands, we move south to the feet. Like a manicure, you can easily and cheaply do all of these things at home. For your feet, we suggest you splurge to get a professional pedicure for men. Generally, a professional pedicure for men is pretty awesome as it incorporates both a massage and swirling warm water jets.

If you’re on your feet all day, you should consider getting pedicures monthly. Your feet will look, feel and smell better. A pedicure can help remove excess dead skin on the feet, reduce sore spots, and remove and prevent junky build up around the nails.